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Hottest Trends in 2015

What are the hottest trends this year in Real Estate?
Posted: November 18, 2015 by Matthew Young

What’s hot in 2015?  According to Realtor Mag there is not just 1 hot trend for real estate this year, there are 21.  In December of 2015 Barbara Ballinger predicted her top 21 hot trends for the upcoming year.  (Click here to view article) These trends include colors, floor plans, finishout materials, and bringing technology into the home.  Now short of checking with all current homeowners to see what categories their home improvements fall under, it will be difficult to see what the hottest trend truly is.  However, there is one category that made the list several times in different forms. This category made the list 5 out of 21 times.  This in my mind makes it the hottest trend in Real Estate for 2015.  What is all the buzz about?  Two words - Smart Home.

This phenomenon is constantly talked about, it is ever adapting and their is a place for it in every room of the home.  It doesn't matter if you are a Millennial who has grown up around technology or a Baby Boomer or a Gen X child or even a Gen Y kid.  These devices are made to save you money, save you time, keep you safe, look cool or just give added convenience.  They are brilliant!  Every company wants to grab a piece of this market place. This over delusion creates an overwhelming marketplace for the consumer. With 20 items from 16 different companies that seem to do the exact same thing is enough to drive any consumer crazy.  Where do these crazed consumers go? To a computer to get on the internet to conduct their own research on the products that they find interesting.  

As always, Coldwell Banker is on the leading edge of innovation in this area. Coldwell Banker is partnering with the leader in the technology news industry, CNET, to promote Coldwell Banker listings that are Smart Homes. The partnership includes advertising with CNET as well partnership at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas. Our Director of Operations will be in attendance for the big announcements from CNET and Coldwell Banker in the Smart Home arena.

Some people say that this is a passing trend.  Just like they said about the computer and the internet  They caution us by saying “be careful about who you hitch your wagon .  They could be right.  This could be the LDs (LaserDisk) of our time.  Or this feature could be so sought after that Realtors will need to keep themselves up to date on the technology since it will become a selling point.  Only time will tell.  But, if you have not looked into this new technology it may be time to see what all the buzz is about.  Their is no correct place to start.  It’s your home.  Find what interests you and that is the correct place to start.

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